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Animal Behavior Links:

Game theory
Threat displays
Optimal foraging
Sexual selection



Multimedia (audio, video)

Boids: computer model of coordinated animal motion such as bird flocks and fish schools. Fun to watch.

Animal Behavior Lab, Dr. Chris Evans, MacQuarie University
Links to web sites for different research projects, many of which have audio, video or simulation content:
Acoustic communication in birds: cognition and function: links to spectrograms and representative calls, video clips from recent studies; Visual signals: design and evolution; Behavior and conservation.
Lizard visual ecology: "Jacky Dragon" (Amphibolurus muricatus)
Includes a nice list of links to other bio/behavior sites.

"Native songbirds in color and sound by Lang Elliott, NatureSound Studio"
Commercial site.

"Handy Web Resources for Ornithology" here at the University of Arizona. Includes many links to bird audio files

"Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics: houses one of the largest collections of recorded animal sounds in the world. ...the collection contains approximately 28,000 recordings of over 1000 species of animals."

NatureSongs: "These pages provide samples of various natural sounds, promote nature recording and archiving, and provide a library of sounds that people can refer to when they hear something new."

Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds (Cornell University)

Stanford University Alumni birding - audio files.

The British Library: The National Sound Archive

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