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Lizard Pushups: you take the data

In this exercise, you will watch animations of lizard interactions, record the behavior, and answer some questions about the data you recorded.

You will be watching interactions between four lizards (A, B, C and D). Lizard "B" is small, lizard "D" is large, and lizards "A" and "C" are medium-sized. You will record which lizard was the resident and which the intruder, whether the intruder was a neighbor or stranger to the resident, whether there was a size difference between the two lizards, and you will score the behavior of the resident lizard for aggressiveness.

image of two lizards, labeled D and A, facing each otherYour data table will look like the example on the next page. You can create your own data table, or you can download a (90kb) pdf file of the data table.

To save time, because there are 12 possible interactions, six interactions have already been scored for you and entered into the table. You will watch the other six interactions and enter the information in the table. Then you will be asked questions (for example, who usually wins the encounter, the resident or the intruder?)

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