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Lizard Links

"Dear Enemy" links

Fighting Fish (Betta splendens)
From the lab syllabus/instructions for BIO 27 Ethology - An Introduction to Animal Behavior by Dr. Matt Draud at Long Island University.

"Individual recognition"
Barry Sinervo at U.C. Santa Cruz


Lecture notes on animal territoriality & aggression
Robert Lynch, University of Colorado

Question and answer on territoriality, from the ABS education materials

Handout on what ecological factors favor territoriality
Dr. Robert Huber, Bowling Green State University

Lizard Links

"Sexy lizards" by Martin Whiting, Witwatersrand SA. Also, his home page.

Tons and tons of useful, interesting info can be found at "Lizard Land," by Barry Sinervo of U.C. Santa Cruz. Here are some highlights:
Great lecture material on lizards and territoriality.
A real territory map: "Territory map: Orange and blue males actively defend a territory. Yellow males tend to cluster around the territories of orange males, probably because they are more successful in sneaking copulations from the females on an orange male's territory compared to sneaking copulations from blue males."
Videos of lizard display behavior and mating behavior.
Lizardland Game
Animal Communication (lecture notes)

Lizards play rock-paper-scissors in the game of life -- popular science account of Sinervo's research.

Lizard visual ecology
Chris Evans at Macquarie University in Australia
Includes video of lizard pushups & other movements.

"Follow the fighting females" popular science account of Sarah Woodley's research on aggression and territoriality in female spiny lizards on Mt. Graham (from Arizona State University)

"Mighty Morphing Tree Lizards"
Research on common tree lizards, Urosaurus ornatus, by Michael Moore at Arizona State University

Desert Ecology of Tucson AZ
Good lizard info from Brad Fiero of Pima County Community College in Tucson, AZ

Lizard Displays, from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Lizard Research: Michael C. Moore at ASU--lots of info and illustrations.

"Ethogram of social behavior of the green anole, Anolis carolinensis"
A good example of how to code behavior from Neil Greenberg, University of Tennessee.

Emilia Martins' lab at Indiana University. Also her home page. Martins works on the evolution of visual communication in lizards, among other things. Terry Ord, a postdoc in her lab, has a good list of lizard links.


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