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Contents of the Jumping Spider Dances module

Synopsis: Jumping spiders are used as an example to illustrate the basics of sexual selection. A self-scoring quiz tests how well the user understands and remembers the information presented. The module finishes with a detailed description of a case study of a species of jumping spider that lives in the mountains of southeastern Arizona. The module is about 15 pages long.


Getting Started: learning objectives and technical requirements

What is sexual selection? Similarities and differences between sexual selection and natural selection.

Gamete size and reproductive allocation.
Slide show: Gamete size and resource allocation: illustrates how resources are allocated to production of gametes (JavaScript and GIF images)
     -- Gamete size and resource allocation, without slide show

Potential reproductive rates: how selection molds the different behaviors of males and females

Sex ratios: the difference between "sex ratio" and "operational sex ratio."

Male competition and female choice: the most common pattern in sexual behavior
     5a. Colorful males (photo gallery)
     5b. Drab females (photo gallery)

Courtship dances: about the courtship behaviors, with links to spider movies

Quiz on sexual selection

Actual research: sexual selection and speciation--research at the University of Arizona
     enlarged graphic from page 8

Climate change and biogeography: how the different populations of a species of jumping spider became separated
     enlarged graphic from page 9

Population divergence: how the populations have come to differ over time.
     enlarged graphic from page 10

Sexual selection caught in the act: the link between sexual selection and speciation
     Abstract of research paper

Summary: Review of the module.

Credits for Jumping Spider module.

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