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Our science in the news

New York Times - Scientist at work: Anna Dornhaus, Published: April 27, 2009
"To Fathom a Colonyís Talk and Toil, Studying Insects One by One"

PBS - TV segment on Arizona Illustrated, Aired September 10, 2009
"Unlocking mysteries of ants and bees"

New Scientist - Published November 18th, 2008
"Division of labour may not be the key to ant success"

ABC (Australia) Radio show: The Science Show by Robyn Williams - Aired on August 22, 2009
"Bumble bees"

Scientist at work - article in New York Times 4/27/09
Public lecture - College of Science: Edges of Life, February 13th, 2008
Life's Cognitive Edge: The Role of the Mind and What it Means to be Human (Arizona Star article about series)

Public lecture - College of Science: Mind and Brain, March 9th, 2010
Evolution of Mind and Brain (Arizona Star article about series)

CBC Radio show: Quirks and Quarks - Aired November 22nd, 2008
"Inefficient ants" (mp3 audio file)

Science Daily - Online November 25th, 2008
"Can an ant be employee-of-the-month?"

ABC (Australia) Radio show: The Science Show by Robyn Williams - Aired on November 28, 2009
"Recalcitrant ants forced back to work"

PBS - TV segment on Arizona Illustrated, with graduate student Tuan Cao
K-12 Outreach program "BioME - Biodiversity from Molecules to Ecosystems"

Harper's Magazine - Published December 2, 2008
Weekly Review

Arizona Daily Star - Published December 1st, 2008
"Ants donít have to be specialists to benefit colony, UA study finds"

PBS/Arizona Public Media - Aired April 25th, 2010
"Wavelengths: Portraits of a Scientist"

e! Science News - Online November 18th, 2008
"Are ants that specialize better at their job?"

The Guardian - Published March 9th, 2009
"Six legs good"

Channel 4 - Published February 25th, 2009
"Human brain 'like colony of ants'" - Online February 25th, 2009
"Ants on the brain"

On Dornhaus & Chittka 'Evolutionary origins of bee dances' article:
Science News Online - Online April 3rd, 1999
"Look who's dancing"

On Franks et al. 'Not everything that counts can be counted: Ants use multiple metrics for a single nest trait' article:
New York Times - Published November 22nd, 2005
"Of Evolution, Physics and Butterflies"

Arizona Daily Star - Published December 27th, 2006
"Someone has to feed ants their cockroach hash"