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Animal Behavior in the News: science-journalism stories on recent animal behavior research (most recent first).

Last updated: June 16, 2003.

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Mating Behavior and Speciation

Guppy love study uncovers 'torrid and tangled' sex life
June 21, 2003

Social Behavior and Kin Selection
Cooperation between unrelated male lizards adds a new wrinkle to
evolutionary theory

June 20, 2003

Predator / Prey Behavior
Dolphins hush clicks to pinpoint prey: Underwater echolocation has built-in dimmer switch.
June 19, 2003

Pheromones / Vision
Colour vision ended human pheromone use: Genetic analysis suggests that being able to see in full colour led our primate ancestors to stop using pheromones to select mates
June 16, 2003

Small fry follow the noise: Junior coral-reef fish navigate using sound
June 11, 2003

Internal Clock Leads Monarch Butterflies to Mexico
June 10, 2003

Learning and Cognition
Monkey's Memory Cells Caught In The Act Of Learning
June 9, 2003

Wriggle makes flying snakes glide: in-flight undulation takes snakes from tree to tree
June 6, 2003

Physiology and Behavior
Hornet cooling theory creates stir: proposal of vespine heat pump stings insect researchers.
June 5, 2003

Dragonfly flight tricks the eye: insects' stealth tactic gains dogfight dominance.
June 5, 2003

Parasites and Behavior
Bugs keep bugs off monkeys: a rub-down with a millipede deters biting insects.
June 4, 2003

Parasites and Behavior
Parasite steals host's skin: dress sense just plain "weird"
June 3, 2003

Behavior and Climate Change
Early Birds: Is Warming Changing U.K. Breeding Season?
June 3, 2003

Sexual Behavior: Mating Systems
Do mammals sleep around to stick around? hunting hits monogamous species hardest.
June 2, 2003

Sexual Behavior: Courtship
Smell May Play Role in Bird Courtship, Study Finds
May 27, 2003

Environment and Behavior
Bad Dancers: childhood chills give bees six left feet
May 24, 2003

Monarchs, Flying Like Clockwork
May 22, 2003

Foraging Behavior
Birds And Humans Have Similar 'Shopping' Habits
May 22, 2003

Sexual Behavior: Courtship
Hyena Females Prefer Gentlemen
May 20, 2003

Chemical Communication
Citrus smell attracts seabirds: the tangerine-scented crested auklet is the first bird found to send fragrant signals.
May 14, 2003

Sexual Selection & Speciation
Male Pregnancy In Seahorses May Affect Formation Of New Species
May 7, 2003

Animal Cognition
Salamanders can do maths: Amphibians hint that number skills evolved early.
May 3, 2003

Mice make their own signposts: first evidence of animal creating markers to navigate.
May 2, 2003

Social Behavior (see companion piece below)
Chemical coat prompts ants to find food: patrol workers with the right chemistry influence their foraging fellows.
May 1, 2003

Same research as above, different write-up:
Social Behavior
Chemical Cues Guide Egalitarian Ants
May 1, 2003

Sexual Behavior: Signaling
Butterflies' polarized glint attracts mates: light waves coming off females' wings in one plane lure males.
May 1, 2003

Physiology and Behavior
New evidence that fish feel pain: trout study may fuel anti-angling debate.
April 30, 2003

Navigation and Cognition
Migrating Birds Remember Better
April 28, 2003

Physiology and Behavior
Fruit Flies Highlight Aerodynamics of Insect Flight
April 23, 2003

Animal Cognition
Crows Better at Tool Building Than Chimps, Study Says
April 23, 2003

[Want more? Check out "Animal Behavior News on the Web" from the Animal Behavior Society. There is also a nice collection of in-depth articles on recent animal behavior news from Science News Online.]

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