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Instructional Modules

Image: photo of bumblebee hovering next to flowerDecisions, Decisions -- to land or not to land, that is the question! Bumblebees must decide which flowers to land on. Find out how they make their choices in the Bumblebee Decisions module.

Image: photo of a caterpillar feeding on an acacia flower and tended by two ants"Red Alert!" caterpillars cry out for help from their ant protectors. Find out how in the Talking Caterpillars module.

image: photo of walnut fly boxing contestCitius, Altius, Fortius* -- see how the logic of game theory can help explain the bizarre "boxing" behavior of walnut flies, in the Fighting Walnut Flies module.

*The (Latin) motto of the Olympic Games, this means "faster, higher, stronger"

image: photo of scorpion carrying babies on her backMother Knows Best -- now that you've got a bunch of babies riding on your back, how will you as a scorpion need to change your behavior? Weigh the costs and benefits of parental care in the Scorpion Races module.

image: cartoon of two lizards facing each other on a branchBuff Lizards -- why would a lizard do pushups? Investigate territorial behavior in the Lizard Pushups module.

image: photo of male jumping spider
Dirty Dancing -- what makes spiders dance? Learn about sexual selection in the Jumping Spider Dances module.

image: drawing of flies in mating arena

This Magic Moment -- why are walnut fly matings sometimes brief, sometimes long? Uncover a key factor influencing copulation duration in the Mating Walnut Flies module.

image: cartoon butterfliesBattle of the Sexes -- can sexual selection lead to an arms race between males and females? Find out in the "chase-away" sexual selection module.

Photo Credits:

Bumblebee: copyright © Cedar Creek Natural History Area
Lycaenid caterpillar with ants © Greg and Mary Beth Dimijian
Jumping Spider: copyright © 2001 Susan Masta.
Scorpion with babies: copyright © 1999 W. D. Sissom
Boxing walnut flies: copyright © Charles Hedgcock

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