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Genus Records, by Family (Page 1)

Family Ascaphidae

Ascaphus  (1 Species)

Family Bufonidae

Bufo  (37 Species)

Family Centrolenidae

Centrolenella  (1 Species)

Family Dendrobatidae

Dendrobates  (2 Species)

Family Discoglossidae

Bombina  (1 Species)

Family Hylidae

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Acris  ( Subfamily Hylinae) (2 Species)

Anotheca  (Subfamily Hylinae) (1 Species)

Hyla  (Subfamily Hylinae) (21 Species)

Ololygon  (Subfamily Hylinae) (2 Species)

Osteopilus  (Subfamily Hylinae) (1 Species)

Phrynohyas  (Subfamily Hylinae) (1 Species)

Plectrohyla  (Subfamily Hylinae) (1 Species)

Pseudacris  (Subfamily Hylinae) (3 Species)

Pternohyla  (Subfamily Hylinae) (1 Species)

Ptychohyla  (Subfamily Hylinae) (1 Species)

Smilisca  (Subfamily Hylinae) (1 Species)

Triprion  (Subfamily Hylinae) (2 Species)

Cyclorana  ( Subfamily Pelodryadinae) (3 Species)

Litoria  (Subfamily Pelodryadinae) (8 Species)

Pachymedusa  ( Subfamily Phyllomedusinae) (1 Species)

Phyllomedusa  (Subfamily Phyllomedusinae) (1 Species)

Family Leptodactylidae

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Edalorhina  ( Subfamily Leptodactylinae) (1 Species)

Leptodactylus  (Subfamily Leptodactylinae) (4 Species)

Physalaemus  (Subfamily Leptodactylinae) (1 Species)

Eleutherodactylus  ( Subfamily Telmatobiinae) (24 Species)

Odontophrynus  (Subfamily Telmatobiinae) (1 Species)

Family Megophryidae

Leptobrachium  (1 Species)

Family Microhylidae

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Gastrophryne  ( Subfamily Microhylinae) (3 Species)

Hypopachus  (Subfamily Microhylinae) (2 Species)

Kaloula  (Subfamily Microhylinae) (1 Species)

Family Myobatrachidae

Limnodynastes  (3 Species)

Pseudophryne  (1 Species)

Family Pelobatidae

Megophrys  (1 Species)

Pelobates  (1 Species)

Scaphiopus  (9 Species)

Family Pipidae

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Xenopus  ( Subfamily Xenopodinae) (1 Species)

Family Ranidae

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Rana  ( Subfamily Raninae) (29 Species)

Family Rhacophoridae

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Polypedates  ( Subfamily Rhacophorinae) (1 Species)

Family Rhinophrynidae

Rhinophrynus  (1 Species)

Family Ambystomatidae

Ambystoma  (10 Species)

Family Amphiumidae

Amphiuma  (1 Species)

Family Cryptobranchidae

Cryptobranchus  (1 Species)

Family Dicamptodontidae

Dicamptodon  (1 Species)

Rhyacotriton  (1 Species)

Family Plethodontidae

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Desmognathus  ( Subfamily Desmognathinae) (5 Species)

Aneides  ( Subfamily Plethodontinae) (4 Species)

Batrachoseps  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (2 Species)

Bolitoglossa  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (3 Species)

Chiropterotriton  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (2 Species)

Ensatina  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (1 Species)

Eurycea  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (5 Species)

Gyrinophilus  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (1 Species)

Hemidactylium  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (1 Species)

Lineatriton  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (1 Species)

Oedipina  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (1 Species)

Plethodon  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (14 Species)

Pseudoeurycea  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (3 Species)

Pseudotriton  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (1 Species)

Thorius  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (1 Species)

Typhlotriton  (Subfamily Plethodontinae) (1 Species)

Family Salamandridae

Notophthalmus  (1 Species)

Taricha  (3 Species)

Family Sirenidae

Pseudobranchus  (1 Species)

Siren  (1 Species)

Family Caeciliaidae

Dermophis  (1 Species)

Family Ichthyophiidae

Ichthyophis  (1 Species)

Family Alligatoridae

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Alligator  ( Subfamily Alligatorinae) (1 Species)

Caiman  ( Subfamily Caimaninae) (1 Species)

Melanosuchus  (Subfamily Caimaninae) (1 Species)

Family Crocodylidae

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Crocodylus  ( Subfamily Crocodylinae) (1 Species)

Family Amphisbaenidae (Suborder Amphisbaenia)

Rhineura  (1 Species)

Family Bipedidae (Suborder Amphisbaenia)

Bipes  (1 Species)

Family Agamidae (Suborder Sauria)

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Agama  ( Subfamily Agaminae) (4 Species)

Calotes  (Subfamily Agaminae) (2 Species)

Ctenophorus  (Subfamily Agaminae) (2 Species)

Diporiphora  (Subfamily Agaminae) (1 Species)

Gonocephalus  (Subfamily Agaminae) (1 Species)

Lophognathus  (Subfamily Agaminae) (1 Species)

Moloch  (Subfamily Agaminae) (1 Species)

Phrynocephalus  (Subfamily Agaminae) (1 Species)

Pogona  (Subfamily Agaminae) (1 Species)

Trapelus  (Subfamily Agaminae) (1 Species)

Tympanocriptis  (Subfamily Agaminae) (1 Species)

Leiolepis  ( Subfamily Leiolepinae) (1 Species)

Family Anguidae (Suborder Sauria)

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Ophisaurus  ( Subfamily Anguinae) (3 Species)

Anniella  ( Subfamily Anniellinae) (1 Species)

Barisia  ( Subfamily Gerrhonotinae) (3 Species)

Elgaria  (Subfamily Gerrhonotinae) (4 Species)

Gerrhonotus  (Subfamily Gerrhonotinae) (1 Species)

Mesaspis  (Subfamily Gerrhonotinae) (2 Species)

Family Chamaeleonidae (Suborder Sauria)

Chamaeleo  (3 Species)

Family Gekkonidae (Suborder Sauria)

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    [Go to Subfamily Pygopodinae]

Nephrurus  ( Subfamily Diplodactylinae) (2 Species)

Oedura  (Subfamily Diplodactylinae) (2 Species)

Coleonyx  ( Subfamily Euplepharinae) (4 Species)

Aristelliger  ( Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Bogertia  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Cnemaspis  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Cosymbotus  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Gehyra  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (5 Species)

Gekko  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Gonatodes  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Hemidactylus  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (8 Species)

Heteronotia  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Homonota  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (2 Species)

Lepidodactylus  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Nactus  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Pachydactylus  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Palmatogecko  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Phelsuma  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Phyllodactylus  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (8 Species)

Ptenopus  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (2 Species)

Rhoptropus  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Sphaerodactylus  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (2 Species)

Tarentola  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (2 Species)

Thecadactylus  (Subfamily Gekkoninae) (1 Species)

Lialis  ( Subfamily Pygopodinae) (1 Species)

Family Gymnophthalmidae (Suborder Sauria)

Bachia  (1 Species)

Gymnopthalmus  (1 Species)

Iphisa  (1 Species)

Leposoma  (2 Species)

Neustricurus  (1 Species)

Prionodactylus  (1 Species)

Family Helodermatidae (Suborder Sauria)

Heloderma  (2 Species)

Family Iguanidae (Suborder Sauria)

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    [Go to Subfamily Tropidurinae]

Basiliscus  ( Subfamily Corytophaninae) (2 Species)

Corytophanes  (Subfamily Corytophaninae) (2 Species)

Laemanctus  (Subfamily Corytophaninae) (2 Species)

Crotaphytus  ( Subfamily Crotaphytinae) (5 Species)

Gambelia  (Subfamily Crotaphytinae) (1 Species)

Amblyrhynchus  ( Subfamily Iguaninae) (1 Species)

Ctenosaura  (Subfamily Iguaninae) (3 Species)

Dipsosaurus  (Subfamily Iguaninae) (1 Species)

Enyaliosaurus  (Subfamily Iguaninae) (2 Species)

Iguana  (Subfamily Iguaninae) (1 Species)

Sauromalus  (Subfamily Iguaninae) (7 Species)

Cyclura  ( Subfamily Igunainae) (1 Species)

Callisaurus  ( Subfamily Phrynosomatinae) (1 Species)

Cophosaurus  (Subfamily Phrynosomatinae) (1 Species)

Holbrookia  (Subfamily Phrynosomatinae) (3 Species)

Petrosaurus  (Subfamily Phrynosomatinae) (2 Species)

Phrynosoma  (Subfamily Phrynosomatinae) (12 Species)

Sator  (Subfamily Phrynosomatinae) (1 Species)

Sceloporus  (Subfamily Phrynosomatinae) (44 Species)

Uma  (Subfamily Phrynosomatinae) (2 Species)

Urosaurus  (Subfamily Phrynosomatinae) (6 Species)

Uta  (Subfamily Phrynosomatinae) (3 Species)

Anolis  ( Subfamily Polychrotinae) (19 Species)

Aptycholaemus  (Subfamily Polychrotinae) (1 Species)

Leiosaurus  (Subfamily Polychrotinae) (2 Species)

Polychrus  (Subfamily Polychrotinae) (2 Species)

Leiocephalus  ( Subfamily Tropidurinae) (2 Species)

Liolaemus  (Subfamily Tropidurinae) (4 Species)

Ophryoessoides  (Subfamily Tropidurinae) (1 Species)

Phymaturus  (Subfamily Tropidurinae) (1 Species)

Tropidurus  (Subfamily Tropidurinae) (4 Species)

Family Lacertidae (Suborder Sauria)

Acanthodactylus  (6 Species)

Lacerta  (1 Species)

Meroles  (1 Species)

Mesalina  (1 Species)

Family Scincidae (Suborder Sauria)

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Anomalopus  ( Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Carlia  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (7 Species)

Cryptoblepharus  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (5 Species)

Ctenotus  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (4 Species)

Emoia  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Eremiascincus  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Eulamprus  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (2 Species)

Glaphyromorphus  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Gnypetoscincus  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Hemisphaeriodon  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Lamprolepis  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Lampropholis  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Lerista  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Mabuya  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (4 Species)

Saproscincus  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (2 Species)

Scincella  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Sphenomorphus  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (2 Species)

Tiliqua  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (2 Species)

Tribolonotus  (Subfamily Lygosominae) (1 Species)

Chalcides  ( Subfamily Scincinae) (2 Species)

Eumeces  (Subfamily Scincinae) (18 Species)

Novoeumeces  (Subfamily Scincinae) (1 Species)

Scincus  (Subfamily Scincinae) (1 Species)

Family Teiidae (Suborder Sauria)

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Ameiva  ( Subfamily Teiinae) (4 Species)

Cnemidophorus  (Subfamily Teiinae) (41 Species)

Kentropyx  (Subfamily Teiinae) (1 Species)

Teius  (Subfamily Teiinae) (1 Species)

Tupinambis  ( Subfamily Tupinambinae) (1 Species)

Family Varanidae (Suborder Sauria)

Varanus  (3 Species)

Family Xantusiidae (Suborder Sauria)

Lepidophyma  (7 Species)

Xantusia  (3 Species)

Family Xenosauridae (Suborder Sauria)

Xenosaurus  (1 Species)

Family Acrochordidae (Suborder Serpentes)

Acrochordus  (1 Species)

Family Boidae (Suborder Serpentes)

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    [Go to Subfamily Pythoninae]

Acrantophis  ( Subfamily Boinae) (1 Species)

Boa  (Subfamily Boinae) (1 Species)

Candoia  (Subfamily Boinae) (1 Species)

Corallus  (Subfamily Boinae) (1 Species)

Epicrates  (Subfamily Boinae) (1 Species)

Sanzinia  (Subfamily Boinae) (1 Species)

Charina  ( Subfamily Erycinae) (1 Species)

Lichanura  (Subfamily Erycinae) (1 Species)

Morelia  ( Subfamily Pythoninae) (1 Species)

Family Colubridae (Suborder Serpentes)

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    [Go to Subfamily Natricinae]

    [Go to Subfamily Xenodontinae]

Arizona  ( Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Boiga  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (3 Species)

Calamaria  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Cemophora  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Chilomeniscus  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (3 Species)

Chionactis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (2 Species)

Coluber  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Conopsis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (2 Species)

Dendrelaphis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (4 Species)

Dendrophidion  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Dryadophis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (2 Species)

Drymarchon  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Drymobius  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (2 Species)

Elaphe  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (6 Species)

Ficimia  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (2 Species)

Gyalopion  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (2 Species)

Lampropeltis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (7 Species)

Leptophis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (3 Species)

Liochlorophis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (No Species in database)

Masticophis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (5 Species)

Opheodrys  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Oxybelis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (2 Species)

Phyllorhynchus  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (2 Species)

Pituophis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (3 Species)

Psammophis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Pseudoficimia  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Rhinocheilus  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Salvadora  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (5 Species)

Sonora  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (2 Species)

Spilotes  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Stegonotus  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Stenorrhina  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Stilosoma  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Sympholis  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Tantilla  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (7 Species)

Toluca  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (1 Species)

Trimorphodon  (Subfamily Colubrinae) (2 Species)

Enhydris  ( Subfamily Homalopsinae) (1 Species)

Natrix  ( Subfamily Natricinae) (2 Species)

Nerodia  (Subfamily Natricinae) (6 Species)

Regina  (Subfamily Natricinae) (2 Species)

Storeria  (Subfamily Natricinae) (3 Species)

Thamnophis  (Subfamily Natricinae) (18 Species)

Tropidoclonion  (Subfamily Natricinae) (1 Species)

Tropidonophis  (Subfamily Natricinae) (1 Species)

Virginia  (Subfamily Natricinae) (2 Species)

Adelphicos  ( Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Amastridium  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Carphophis  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Clelia  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Coniophanes  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (3 Species)

Conophis  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Contia  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Diadophis  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Dipsas  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Enulius  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (2 Species)

Farancia  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (2 Species)

Geophis  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (2 Species)

Helicops  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Heterodon  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (2 Species)

Hypsiglena  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (2 Species)

Imantodes  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (2 Species)

Leptodeira  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (7 Species)

Manolepis  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Ninia  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (2 Species)

Philodryas  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Rhadinaea  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (5 Species)

Sibon  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (4 Species)

Umbrivaga  (Subfamily Xenodontinae) (1 Species)

Family Elapidae (Suborder Serpentes)

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    [Go to Subfamily Hydrophiinae]

Bungarus  ( Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Cacophis  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Demansia  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Hemiaspis  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Hoplocephalus  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Micruroides  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Micrurus  (Subfamily Elapinae) (5 Species)

Naja  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Pseudechis  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Rhinoplocephalus  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Suta  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Tropidechis  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Vermicella  (Subfamily Elapinae) (1 Species)

Hydrophis  ( Subfamily Hydrophiinae) (1 Species)

Pelamis  (Subfamily Hydrophiinae) (1 Species)

Family Leptotyphlopidae (Suborder Serpentes)

Leptotyphlops  (4 Species)

Family Loxocemidae (Suborder Serpentes)

Loxocemus  (1 Species)

Family Typhlopidae (Suborder Serpentes)

Ramphotyphlops  (1 Species)

Typhlops  (1 Species)

Family Viperidae (Suborder Serpentes)

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Agkistrodon  ( Subfamily Crotalinae) (3 Species)

Atropoides  (Subfamily Crotalinae) (1 Species)

Bothriechis  (Subfamily Crotalinae) (1 Species)

Bothrops  (Subfamily Crotalinae) (1 Species)

Calloselasma  (Subfamily Crotalinae) (1 Species)

Cerrophidian  (Subfamily Crotalinae) (1 Species)

Crotalus  (Subfamily Crotalinae) (20 Species)

Deinagkistrodon  (Subfamily Crotalinae) (1 Species)

Porthidium  (Subfamily Crotalinae) (2 Species)

Sistrurus  (Subfamily Crotalinae) (1 Species)

Trimeresurus  (Subfamily Crotalinae) (1 Species)

Bitis  ( Subfamily Viperinae) (1 Species)

Cerastes  (Subfamily Viperinae) (2 Species)

Family Bataguridae

Cuora  (1 Species)

Rhinoclemmys  (3 Species)

Family Chelidae

Chelodina  (1 Species)

Platemys  (1 Species)

Family Cheloniidae

Caretta  (1 Species)

Chelonia  (1 Species)

Lepidochelys  (1 Species)

Family Chelydridae

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Chelydra  ( Subfamily Chelydrinae) (1 Species)

Family Dermochelydae

Dermochelys  (1 Species)

Family Emydidae

Chinemys  (1 Species)

Chrysemys  (1 Species)

Clemmys  (1 Species)

Emydoidea  (1 Species)

Graptemys  (1 Species)

Malaclemys  (1 Species)

Mauremys  (1 Species)

Terrapene  (3 Species)

Trachemys  (1 Species)

Family Kinosternidae

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Kinosternon  ( Subfamily Kinosterninae) (9 Species)

Sternotherus  (Subfamily Kinosterninae) (2 Species)

Family Testudinidae

Geochelone  (2 Species)

Gopherus  (3 Species)

Family Trionychidae

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Apalone  ( Subfamily Trionychinae) (2 Species)

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