Kevin E. Bonine
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
(and School of Natural Resources)
Adjunct Assistant Professor
University of Arizona

 Borders, Barriers, & Barrios - NCHC Faculty Field Institute, March 2008


Current Research
           Sonoran Photo Specimen Voucher Initiative [w/ George Bradley and Peter Reinthal]
           Population and Disease Ecology of Hyla arenicolor (Canyon Treefrog) [w/ Kim Baker, Cecil Schwalbe]
           Finescale Phylogeography of Hyla arenicolor (Canyon Treefrog)[w/ Taylor Edwards]
           Buffel Grass and Lizard Communities at Tumamoc Hill
           Multiple Origins of Parthenogenetic Whiptail Lizards (Aspidoscelis spp.)[w/ Phil Rosen]
           Evolutionary Physiology of Locomotion in Lizards [w/ Ted Garland]
Publications (see CV below)
Extended CV (from March 2007)
          Herpetology (ECOL 483/583; each spring)
          Conservation Biology (ECOL 406/506; each fall)
          Vertebrate Physiology (ECOL 437; moved from fall to spring)
          Galapagos Marine Ecology (ECOL 496O/596O; summer 2007)
          Environmental Biology (ECOL 206; spring)
          Introductory Biology (ECOL 182R; fall 2007 and spring 2008)

            Kevin E. Bonine
            Adjunct Assistant Professor
            Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
            School of Natural Resources
            University of Arizona
            P.O. Box 210088
            Tucson, AZ  85721-0088
            tel: 520 626 0092
            dept: 520 621 1588
            fax: 520 621 9190

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