SANITY (Science and Nature in Tandem for Youth)
A University of Arizona College of Science/Tucson High Collaboration

Summary: We offer a variety of science research experiences for high school teachers and students at Tucson High Magnet School (THMS) in cooperation with the University of Arizona College of Science. Our program consists of a continuum of science research experiences from high school through college. Our goal is to create a diverse, highly trained cadre of science professionals.


  • To keep Tucson High on the cutting edge of science education appropriate to a science magnet school,
  • To increase the number of students who leave THMS experienced in the process of science discovery, and excited about pursuing a science education in college,
  • To improve the minority representation of students in science, math and engineering professions.
  • To create a model for a cooperative science education program between a public university and public high school that can be applied to other institutions.


  • THMS will offer a research methods course in each of the science disciplines, modeled after an existing, highly successful research course in biology where high school students do research in UA science labs.
  • A 2-week summer field ecology research experience with an interdisciplinary focus for teachers and students at a field research station in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona.
  • A weekend retreat for science teachers, for team building, natural history exploration and planning to incorporate research experiences into courses.
  • Professional development seminars at Tucson High on integrating research experiences into the science classroom.
  • “Sense of Place” field trips to Mt Lemmon for THMS students and teachers led by UA faculty representing different fields of science.
  • Lectures at Tucson High by UA faculty.

Five THMS science teachers and UA faculty Katrina Mangin designed the program. The teachers are: Gayle Brickert-Albrecht, Science Chair and Chemistry teacher, Margaret Wilch, Biology teacher, Aida Flores Castillo, bilingual teacher of Biology, Glenn Furnier, Physics teacher and Ariana Sophiea, Freshman Biology teacher.

Tucson High Magnet School, located one block from the University of Arizona, is the Arts, Technology, Science and Mathematics Magnet School for Tucson Unified School District. In 2005/2006, THMS had 19 science teachers and 2737 students, of which 1901 (69.4%) were from an ethnic group traditionally under-represented in science (6.5% African American, 59.2% Hispanic and 3.8% Native American).

Contact: Dr. Katrina Mangin,, 520-626-5076, UA Science
Page Last Updated: November 13, 2006