Laboratory for Biogeochemical Ecology
at the University of Arizona, Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology              P.I. Scott Saleska

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Top: Dr. Carrie McCalley, Dr. Rick Wehr, P.I. Scott Saleska, Joost van Haren, Veronika Leitold,
Dr. Natalia Restrepo-Coupe, Scott Stark
Bottom: Dr. Luciana Alves, Dr. Virginia Rich, Jin Wu, Marielle Smith, Ty Taylor, Brad Christoffersen, Tara Woodcock

Research in the lab for biogeochemical ecology asks questions about how climate and environment interacts with community-level ecology to influence or control biogeochemical cycling from local to ecosystem to global scales. We use multidisciplinary approaches that combine classical techniques of field ecology and forestry with advanced technological methods (e.g., the micrometeorological eddy covariance method, isotopic techniques, and molecular biology) and modeling to integrate biogeochemical processes to ecosystem scales.

Principal Investigator:    Scott Saleska

Post-doctoral researchers:

Dr. Carrie McCalley
Dr. Natalia Restrepo-Coupe
Dr. Virginia Rich
Dr. Rick Wehr

Graduate Students:

Brad Christoffersen (DOE Graduate Research Environmental Fellow)
Joost van Haren (NSF PIRE Graduate fellow)
Marielle Smith
Scott Stark (joint with Enquist lab) (NSF Graduate Fellow)
Ty Taylor (Biosphere 2-PIRE Graduate Research Fellow)
Jin Wu (Biosphere 2-PIRE Graduate Research Fellow)

Program Coordinator: Marianne Ritter

Research Technicians :

Veronika Leitold (B.A., Harvard University, 2009)
Tara Woodcock (B.S., University of Arizona, 2009)

Friends of the Lab:


Dr. Kolby Jardine, Biosphere 2
Dr. Luciana Alves (former NSF PIRE research fellow)
Rafael Roselem, Amazon-PIRE grad student in Hydrology with Prof. Jim Shuttleworth
Max Li, grad student with Professor Peter Chesson
Chirstine Lamana, grad student in lab of Brian Enquist
Brian Chaszar, Amazon-PIRE graduate fellow in lab of Brian Enquist
Chris Meehan, Amazon-PIRE graduate fellow in lab of Judie Bronstein
Sarah White, Amazon-PIRE graduate fellow in lab of Jonathan Overpeck
Juliana Schietti, Ph.D. student in Ecology at INPA (Manaus, Brazil)
Lissandra Souza, Ph.D. student, LBA, INPA (Manaus, Brazil)
Daniel Amaral, Research Technician with LBA (Santarem, Brazil)