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I am an Entomology and Insect Science graduate student with a minor in Neuroscience. I completed an undergraduate degree in Entomology and Plant Science at Cornell University in 2011 and am now doing research in the Papaj Lab.

I have a long standing interest in neuroethology and have recently begun exploring the buzz pollination behavior of bees. I am currently focused on investigating this behavior in bumblebees via simple experiments. I first plan to investigate which visual and chemical floral cues are used by bumblebees, which will help me to understand what traits are important across buzz pollinated flora. I will then explore how these cues impact bumblebee learning and which responses are innate or learned. As floral and bumblebee traits vary, I would also like to examine how this variation impacts buzz pollination behavior.


Contact Info
Avery Russell
Entomology and Insect Science
Biosciences West Rm. 512
1041 E. Lowell
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721




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Photo of sarcophagid fly by A. Russell. Photo of Xylocopa bee buzz-pollinating Solanum by A.R. Anderson,