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Contents of the Scorpion Races module

Synopsis: This module examines the costs of parental care, and illustrates the concept of behavioral flexibility, using scorpions as examples. Two simulations allow the user to play the role of a scorpion who is confronted by a predator, and who must decide whether to stand and fight or run away. The module is approximately 10 pages long.

1. Introduction

1a. Getting Started: learning objectives and technical requirements.

2. First simulation: an interactive exercise -- the user experiments to find whether the scorpion should fight or flee when confronted by a predator
        2a. First simulation, without animation

3. How behavior evolves: an animated illustration of how natural selection works to shape behavior
        3a. How behavior evolves, without animation

4. Second simulation: now the scorpion is carrying a load of babies. Are the relative success rates of "fight" and "flee" changed, and if so, how?
        4a. Second simulation, without animation

5. Behavioral flexibility: a short animation highlights the ability of the scorpion to change its behavior based on changed circumstances
        5a. Behavioral flexibility, without animation

6. Actual research: the basis for the module.
        6a. Abstract of research paper
        Scorpion Links

7. Summary

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