ECOL 335: Evolutionary Biology (Spring 2008)

Dr. Peter Reinthal and Dr. Carlos A. Machado


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General Catalog Spring 2008 Course Description:

ECOL 335 -- Evolutionary Biology (4 units)

Description: Basic processes and patterns of evolution: natural selection, evolutionary genetics, the analysis of adaptation, the phylogeny of life, the fossil record, molecular evolution, macroevolution. Mandatory discussion session to meet once per week.

Grading: Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E.

Prerequisite(s): ECOL 181R, ECOL 181L, ECOL 182.

LECTURES: Tu and Th 11:00AM-12:15PM
Room: BSW 310
Instructors: Peter N. Reinthal (pnr AT
Carlos A. Machado (cmachado AT
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