Software for the measurement and analysis of species diversity

Developed by Will Turner, Wade Leitner, and Michael Rosenzweig

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Release Notes

WS2M User's manual
Latest beta released Feb 26, 2003.
Includes 2 bug fixes. See Release Notes for details.
    Download the latest Windows (anything after 95) executable ws2mb.exe (~208k).

Latest WS2M released August 1, 2000.

Includes a bug fix, lognormal and Michaelis-Menten estimators, and improved F6 estimator behavior.
    Download the latest Windows executable ws2m.exe (~188k).
    See Release Notes for more information on changes.

Experiencing problems running ws2m?

You may need an updated version of MFC42.DLL. Place it in the same directory as ws2m.exe. Please let us know whether this solution works for your computer, and what operating system you are running. This information will help us make future installations of WS2M easier.

Download MFC42.DLL (973k).

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