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My primary teaching responsibilities at present include upper-division lab and lecture courses in animal behavior and introductory biology. I have also taught courses in behavioral ecology and insect behavior at undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate students can do research in the laboratory for course credit and graduate students frequently conduct research internships in the lab. We currently have positions available for undergraduate research for course credit. Click here for more information.

Animal Behavior

(ECOL 487R/587R and 487L/587L)

Animal Behavior is run as separate lecture (487R/587R) and laboratory courses (487L/587L) at both undergraduate or graduate levels. Students taking one course are not required to take the other course; however, most students in the lab course take the lecture course concurrently.

Animal Behavior courses run in the Fall semester. More information about these courses can be found at the course website.


Introductory Biology

(ECOL 182)

In the Spring semester, I teach one-third of the lectures in one section of the second semester of Introductory Biology. My lecture material covers evolutionary mechanisms and animal form and function.











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