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Animal Behavior Links:

Game theory
Threat displays
Optimal foraging
Sexual selection



Animal behavior: interactive and/or animated

"EvoTutor: Learning through interactive simulations."
Very high quality interactive simulations on the topics of statistics, selection, mutation, gene flow, genetics, reproduction, genetic drift, adaptation (download only), and speciation.

Online science games from the BBC, some of them related to animal behavior. Very nice content.

Bat Sonar simulation from Bristol University. Once you get there, press the "Preview" button. This is one of the most creative and sophisticated interactive exercises I've ever seen. A real resource hog, however; don't even attempt unless you have high-speed internet access.

The Animated Brain: Pavlov's Dog, from the commercial site Brainviews, Ltd. A Shockwave animated movie with voice-over narration. From the same company:
Appetitive (associative) learning. Looping animation of a rat.
Various other games, quizzes, animations, etc.

Animal Behavior Interactive, from the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior at Indiana University. "Do stuff, learn stuff, get stuff: Explore these fun, useful, and informative activities and resources related to animals and animal behavior." Worth a look.

University of Toronto: the awesome Optimal Foraging Game.

U. C. Santa Cruz, the awesome "Lizardland" site of Barry Sinervo

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