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Game theory
Threat displays
Optimal foraging
Sexual selection



Animal behavior journals (alphabetical)

Adaptive Behavior
"Adaptive Behavior is the premier international journal for research on adaptive behavior in animals and autonomous artificial systems. For over 10 years it has offered ethologists, psychologists, behavioral ecologists, computer scientists, and robotics researchers a forum for discussing new findings and comparing insights and approaches across disciplines. Adaptive Behavior explores mechanisms, organizational principles, and architectures for generating action in environments, as expressed in computational, physical, or mathematical models."

Animal Cognition

Animal Behaviour
"Animal Behaviour publishes original papers relating to all aspects of the behaviour of animals, including humans."

Applied Animal Behavior Science
"An international scientific journal reporting on the application of ethology to animals used by man."

Behavioral Ecology
"Bringing together significant work on all aspects of the subject, Behavioral Ecology is broad-based and covers both empirical and theoretical approaches. Behavioral Ecology is the official journal of the International Society for Behavioral Ecology."

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology

Bird Behavior
"Bird Behavior is an international and interdisciplinary journal that publishes high-quality research on descriptive and experimental analyses of species-typical avian behavior, including the areas of ethology, behavioral ecology, comparative psychology, and behavioral neuroscience."

Journal of Comparative Physiology. A. Neuroethology, Sensory, Neural and Behavioral Physiology.

Journal of Comparative Psychology
"The Journal of Comparative Psychology publishes original empirical and theoretical research from a comparative perspective on the behavior, cognition, perception, and social relationships of diverse species."

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes
"The Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes publishes experimental and theoretical studies concerning all aspects of animal behavior processes. Studies of associative, nonassociative, cognitive, perceptual, and motivational processes are welcome."

Journal of Insect Behavior

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