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Explore the world of animal behavior!

This site is designed to help you learn some basic principles of animal behavior, using interactive exercises that are fun and informative.

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Instructional modules
instructional module illustrates an aspect of animal behavior using animation and simulations, based on an actual case study. Jump right in by picking one of the modules listed to the right, or browse an expanded list of modules for more info.

News and Links
We also feature timely Behavior News (last updated June 22, 2003) about breakthroughs in behavior research, as well as an extensive list of links to animal behavior resources on the web.

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Instructional Modules:

Lizard Pushups: proximate and ultimate causes of territorial behavior

Talking Caterpillars: hypothesis testing: interspecies communication

Bumblebee Decisions: signal detection and decision-making

Fighting Walnut Flies: sequential assessment in male-male contests

Scorpion Races: parental care and behavioral flexibility

Jumping Spider Dances: sexual selection

Mating Walnut Flies: sex ratios and mating behavior

Chase-away sexual selection: the battle of the sexes

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