Galapagos Marine Ecology
ECOL 496O/596O (6 units)
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

University of Arizona, Tucson

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Syllabus 2011
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Tour Itinerary 2011
What to bring
Expert Topic Paper Guidelines

Required Texts:
1.Wildlife of the Galapagos, Fitter & Fitter, Princeton University Press (or older edition Fitter, Fitter & Hosking)
2.The Beak of the Finch, Weiner, Jonathan, 1994. Vintage Press, NY
3.Packet of readings (posted on d2l course website)

Highly recommended:
Reef Fish Identification: Galapagos, by Paul Humann (Author), Ned Deloach (Editor)
(any edition)

Any natural history guide. We like these two:
Galapagos, A Natural History, Michael Hume Jackson
Galapagos, A Natural History by John C Kricher
Marine Life of the Galapagos, by Pierre Constant

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Disclaimer: This course requires a fair amount of walking sometimes in rough terrain and over unstable lava rocks. The pace is slow, but some climbing over larger boulders is required on some of the hikes.There is ample opportunity to snorkel and, though not required, is a significant component of the course. If you are planning to snorkel you should be a comfortable swimmer and be able to judge your capabilities relative to water conditions (i.e. depth, currents, swells) since conditions vary between snorkeling sites and with the weather. Participants must also feel comfortable getting on and off of boats from piers and from other boats and sometimes to make “wet landings” where you must leave the boat in water to your knees and walk to shore. If you have any questions about the physical requirements, please contact Katrina. Please check with your doctor if you have any reservations about these requirements.

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